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Signs, Signs Everywhere There's Signs

One trend I see gaining popularity every year is the use of signs throughout your wedding. It is such an amazing and perfect way to inform your guests and inject some of your personality into the day. I always say the more sings the better because guests tend to have that special drink, sign the guest book or know where to go if there are signs. Here are some of my favorite from our events.

Our sales executive and graphic designer got married in Punta Cana last summer and the entire Event Kings staff was there to celebrate. This sign wasn't made by us but still one of my favorites!

A custom made S'mores Bar from a camp ground wedding in East Hampton was so cute and captured the feel of the event.

Who doesn't love a good cocktail? Guests drank this signature drink recipe made by the bride and groom.

Again, this sign is fun and whimsical, but most importantly, informative!

Here's a sign from one of my favorite vendors; Signs of Our Lives. You can find her here.

And of course here are gorgeous examples of adding floral to any sign! These are all garlands made from ruscus and eucalyptus silver dollar.

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